Information Interview with the director of Atpal Languages

Information Interview with Atpal Languages

Atpal Languages is a language school located in downtown Montreal. The school is specialized in French and English languages. The name Atpal stands for Applied Techniques for Productive and Assertive Learning. We had a chance to sit with Carolina Cook the director of the school and chat about Atpal school.

Innovative Language Learning Method

It’s been more than 46 years that Atpal is helping students learn a foreign language more efficiently. The exclusive innovative method at Atpal helps students gain confidence quickly and work on native-like proficiency from the first day. The record of applying this method indicates 30% faster learning compared to traditional methods.

High Impact Language Lessons

The teacher are considered as coaches at Atpal. They push students to develop language skills. Class size is very small, maximum 12 students in each class which gives every student a better chance to speak during the class. This way the teacher has more time to pay enough attention to each and every individual student to help them improve their language skills.

At least 70% of the class is devoted to oral practices and the other 30% focuses on the grammar and other activities. This composition gives the students the possibility to be able to communicate in the new language in a short time.

Location, location, location

Atpal Languages in located in Montreal, one of the biggest bilingual cities in the world. Learning French and English at Atpal connects you to a city that speaks both languages fluently. Most people living in Montreal are comfortable speaking both languages and sometimes a fun mix of both at the same time.

Since Atpal Languages resides at the heart of downtown area, it is very close to all the activities, restaurants, festivals, universities and tourist attractions. Walking at any direction from Atpal leads you to somewhere fun.

A Friendly Language School

The Atpal Languages team and students organize fun activities for students to help discover and explore the city. You’ll also make friends at parties, short trips, visiting museums, ice skating and other activities organized by the school.


March 30, 2023

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