Must-Try Restaurants and Delightful Foods in Montreal

I want to share with you the must-try restaurants and delightful foods that make Montreal a really an amazing place for food lovers. As a non-native discovering the city’s culinary wonders, I’ve compiled a list of must-visit spots that will amaze your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Join me on this flavorful adventure through the vibrant streets of Montreal!


A Canadian Classic. No visit to Montreal is complete without indulging in the iconic dish called poutine. This savory creation consists of crispy French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. You can find it in various forms, from the traditional version to creative variations with toppings like smoked meat, bacon, or even lobster. Head to La Banquise or Patati Patata to taste this Canadian dish.


Montreal is renowned for its mouthwatering bagels, which are distinctively different from their New York counterparts (btw if you want to start a disussion never talk about religion, sports or which city makes the best bagels). These hand-rolled, wood-fired bagels have a slightly sweet taste and a chewy texture. Be sure to visit St-Viateur Bagel or Fairmount Bagel, two iconic bagel shops that have been serving these amazing treats for decades.

Smoked Meat

A Deli Delight For a taste of Montreal’s Jewish deli culture, treat yourself to a classic smoked meat sandwich. This succulent creation features tender, hand-sliced smoked meat piled high on rye bread, accompanied by mustard. Schwartz’s Deli, a local institution since 1928, is the place to go for an authentic and unforgettable smoked meat experience.

Maple Syrup Treats

Sweet Delights Montreal’s rich maple syrup heritage is a treat for your sweet tooth. Indulge in maple-infused goodies like maple taffy on snow, maple sugar candies, or maple butter. You can find these delightful treats at the Jean-Talon Market or local sugar shacks during the sugaring-off season.

From savoring the iconic poutine to enjoying Montreal-style bagels and succulent smoked meat sandwiches, the city’s culinary landscape offers a rich selectionof flavors and dining experiences. So, let your taste buds guide you through Montreal’s vibrant restaurants and diverse flavors, and immerse yourself in a world of culinary delights that will make your visit truly remarkable.

May 10, 2024