The life of an international student in Quebec

Coming to the lively province of Quebec as an international student was a big decision that has changing my life forever. Living in the beautiful city of Montreal, this journey has had its ups and downs, showing me many opportunities and personal growth. Today, I want to share my unique perspective as an international student and talk about the challenges I faced and the great things I gained from living in Quebec.

One of the first things I struggled with was the language barrier. While many people in Quebec speak both French and English, French is the main language here. It is a challenge to have everyday conversations and understand lectures in French. Learning French has become really important for me. However, as I slowly i’m getting better, I start to appreciate the rich culture and connect more with the local community.

Getting used to a new culture it is an adventure. Quebec has its own special culture, influenced by its history and by their French heritage. The people here are friendly and open, and I made friends easily. I enjoyed learning about Quebecois customs, like trying poutine or celebrating festivals like Fête Nationale. It made my experience as an international student more meaningful.

Quebec has excellent universities and colleges that attract students from all over the world. The education system here is really good. I had challenging classes and got to work with classmates from different backgrounds. The teachers used innovative teaching methods, which helped me learn and grow. I also had opportunities for research, internships (thank you ATPAL), and networking, which opened doors for my future career and personal development.

Montreal, the diverse city in Quebec, is a mix of cultures, languages, and foods. Exploring different neighbourhoods like Plateau-Mont-Royal, Mile End, and the Quartier Latin, I experienced a wide range of global flavours, art, and music. People from different communities live together here, and has opened my view of the world and made me feel like a citizen of the world.

Living in Montreal is a good experience. The city has a mix of old and new, with historical buildings alongside modern architecture. The public transportation is efficient, and there are many cultural events and a vibrant nightlife. I enjoyed visiting Mount Royal Park and going to free concerts at Place des Arts. There are plenty of activities for everyone, making my time outside of school enjoyable.

Being an international student in Quebec, especially in Montreal, has been a life-changing experience with its ups and downs. Overcoming language barriers, adapting to a new culture, and doing well in school have expanded my horizons and prepared me for the future. The friendly people, diverse cultures, and lively cityscape have made Quebec feel like a second home to me.